International Passports OCR API

Automatically extract key information from passports in your application

Leverage our unique computer vision approach to accurately parse passports in your software

Plug and play

No setup or retraining required. Benefit from our battle-tested API trained on millions of passports from all around the world.

Full technology

The full extraction process is performed without any humans in the loop, allowing you to offer real-time experience with a maximum level of data privacy.


Achieve high extraction performances at scale on US, Europe, or any latin alphabet passports, from various industries and sectors.


Our API works synchronously, with an average processing time of 1.3 seconds per page for pdfs and 0.9 seconds for images.

Move past OCR language limitations with Mindee’s global computer vision approach

Like humans, our algorithms don’t need to read all the document text in its language to extract the relevant information

Extracted Fields

Holder's names

  • - Surname
  • - List of given names

Holder's birth information

Set of holder's birth data retrieved in the body of the passport

  • - Date of birth (ISO format)
  • - Gender
  • - Place of birth

Machine readable zones (MRZ)

The two lines of the MRZ are retrieved in order to cross validate the informations retrieved in the passport's body

    Passport number

      Passport's dates

      ISO formatted passport's dates

      • - Issuance date
      • - Expiry date

      Country code

      ISO formatted passport's country code

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