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Introducing Mindee2 min read

Dec 12, 2019 2 min

Introducing Mindee2 min read

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We’re pleased to announce that after two years of research, algorithm development, model training, and testing, the Mindee platform is live!

For the past few years, we’ve been trying to crack the problems that bog down businesses everywhere: taking time-consuming tasks that are document- and transcription- based and automating them.

Mindee’s APIs, which automatically locate and extract text on a document, then turn it into actionable data, are the result.

Mindee takes the best of computer vision techniques and puts them together in technology that can read any document, extract the text, and give you the information you need in under a second. Our first use case, designed for expense management and built in collaboration with our partners at Lucca, went live last year after integration into the Cleemy expense management application (see here).

Since then we’ve extended the range of use cases to cover shipping and logistics, invoice management, loan applications and many more. We’re working on new use cases every day and regularly update the platform with new APIs as soon as they’re ready.

No matter what the use case, Mindee brings core benefits to users in any industry:

  • Exponential time gains – Text extraction requests are processed synchronously, which means that response times for input are less than a second. Compare that with manual data entry, which takes several minutes.
  • +90% accuracy (that improves every day) – Mindee’s technology, built on a core of optical character recognition and AI-powered deep learning techniques, beats existing market solutions in terms of accuracy.
  • Data protection – We don’t store your data. What’s more, we build our environment in-house so that your data doesn’t transit through a third-party provider – a key consideration when personal data is at stake.

You can try any of the Mindee APIs starting today – no credit card or commitment required. If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening, stay in touch with us or schedule a demo.

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