What is the pricing model?

Each API has different plans, each of them are volume-based:

Free plan
You can make a few hundred calls per month for free

Pay as you go
You can make as many calls per month as you want. You benefit from the free plan and every call made in excess of the free plan limit is charged at a fixed price which depends on the API you are using.

You can get discounts and better support by commiting to a minimum number of monthly calls. The first volume tier available is at 10.000 monthly calls.

When am I charged?

Free Plan: Never

Pay as you go: You are charged every month or when your current cumulated usage reaches 50€

Enterprise: We can do quarterly, annual or longer billing periods.

Do credits roll-over?

Free credits are awarded as part of either the free plan or the pay as you go plan. These are monthly plans and unused credits do not roll-over to the next period.

Is my credit card needed?

You do not need any credit card for using the free plan.

However, you need to add a payment method if you want to go above the monthly free credit limit. Don't worry, we only bill each month for the calls made in excess of these free credits.

Platform / APIs

What is the average response time for your APIs?

Response time depends on the following parameters :
- is it an image (faster) or a pdf file (slower) ?
- What is the image resolution ?
- Number of data points returned by the API you are calling

Overall, on average, response time is below one second for a medium-resolution image (a few Mpx) and can goes up to a few seconds a page for a large pdf file.

What is the average accuracy of extraction?

Before releasing any API to production, we compute extraction accuracy and precision on a large dataset (~10k data) as diverse as possible.

None of our algorithm goes into production before we get at least 90% of accuracy for each field individually.

Depending on the field complexity, you should expect accuracy to be between 90% and 100%.

Note that if you compute accuracy below 85% for a specific field on a production-like dataset, this is highly possible that something is wrong with your test pipeline.

To make sure your tests went the right way and your metrics can be trusted, feel free to ask the chat to talk to an expert, we are all the more interested in your feedback to understand what went wrong in order to make our algorithms better.

Is there any technical limitation?

In order to protect our infrastructure, the following technical limitations are implemented on all our APIs:
- A maximum number of calls to be made per second, per minute and per hour. By default, the limit is set at 4 per second, 100 per minute and 3000 per hour
- A maximum resolution for images set by default at 15MPixels
- A maximum number of pages for a pdf file set by default at 3 pages

What can I do if I need to extract information from a document that is not yet supported?

If you need to extract information thanks to a dedicated API, please tell us about your use case and the document you need to parse to see whether we could build it just for you.

If you need to build a smooth visual interface to extract and/or validate the information extracted from a document, you can use our open source frontend SDK and Mindee Vision API (github here) to build your dream UI for any document.

Can I invite other people from within my organization to the Mindee platform?

You can add as many users as you want into your workspace. To do so, find the member section in your account settings on the platform.

I did not receive my confirmation email, what should I do?

Sometimes, confirmation emails land into the spam section of your mailbox. Go check out yours to make sure it did not happen.

If you still cannot find it, ask the chat to get a new one. Someone from our team will send one right away.

Can I send multiple page pdf?

Yes. We support mutiple-page pdf files. Our APIs handle each page as a single image and return a prediction for each page. If you send a three-page document, you will get three predictions.

Can I send a pdf containing several documents?

Yes you can but we will not be able to cut it for you into several documents. We do not provide any document processing feature, only document understanding.

If you send a pdf file with multiple pages, we will make a prediction for each page.

Do you support handwritting?

We do not support handwritten documents for the moment, but it's scheduled in our roadmap.

Development / integration

Can I use your API to access the raw text?

If you want to access only the raw text, use the "Mindee Vision" API.

If you are using an other API and also wnt to access the raw text, you can add "include_mvision: true" in your HTTP request body.

What can I do if I need to extract a field that is not returned by the API?

If you need to extract a piece of information from a document that is not already built in one of our APIs, please tell us so that we can give you details about our short term roadmap and maybe squeeze this development in.

While waiting for us to build this field, you are probably in one of the following situations:

i/ You are building both the data extraction feature and the interface to easily input data manually and/or validate extracted data points
In this case, the best way to move forward is probably to build the interface you had in mind anyway. Data extraction will be fully functional for all the fields but this one at first. At the same time, the manual data entry feature will ease the process for your end user.

ii/ You are fully automating the processing of the document
In this case, you might tap into the list of all the words in the documnet we send back. To access this list, you have to include include_mvision: true in your http reuest body.

With this list and depending on the complexity of the information you are looking for, you can build rules to get to a good enough accuracy of extraction.