How to setup your Mindee account



Want to try Mindee APIs? You have already signed up and want to make your first API calls? You're in the right place !



Signup / login


Go to the Signup page to create your account. No credit card is required. You can start using the APIs right away.


You already have an account ? Go to the Login page. If you forgot your password, click the link and follow the instructions. Check your spam if you don't receive the email.



Subscribe to an API


Once logged in, you land on our API store.



Click on the desired API card to subscribe. All our APIs have a free plan.



You are set to go !


At this point, everything is set up to use Mindee APIs.


You can either : 

  1. Go to the Live Interface to drag and drop images and instantly see the results
  2. Go to the Documentation section and make your first call through the API