Platform tour





From the dashboard section, monitor your API usage.




Metrics :

Traffic: number of inputs processed (images and pdf pages).


Errors: number of HTTP errors.


Latency: average server-side computation time in seconds.


Plan: your current monthly plan. Your default subscription is a free plan that lasts forever and automatically renews each month. Click on the "change plan" button to adjust your subscription according to your needs. While on, your plan will automatically be renewed each month.


Quota: remaining number of images or pdf pages you can process under your current monthly subscription.

Invoicing: find here all your past invoices.





Everything you need to use the API in your apps.



HTTP request: expected HTTP request format.


Features: specify the JSON response fields, data types and formats.


Sample code: ready to use sample codes in different languages. Copy and paste in your environment.


Usage: details about supported input files and technical limitations.


JSON response: a model JSON response filled with dummy data to navigate more easily the response structure.





Manage your API access.




API keys : create, revoke and rename your API keys from there. Note that revokation is permanent and cannot be undone.




Live interface


This is your home for no code testing. Drag and drop your own documents to see the API in action.


Quickly visualize all the extracted fields along with the raw API JSON response.