French health insurance card OCR
Carte mutuelle


This article explains how to extract all the relevant data from French health insurance cards (carte mutuelle tiers payant) using our deep learning OCR engine.




  1. You’ll need a free beta account. Sign up and confirm your email to login.
  2. You’ll need at least 20 Health insurance card images or pdfs to train your OCR.




Define the data you need from Health insurance cards


We need first to set up our use case by defining what fields we want to extract from your health insurance cards.



Health insurance card (Carte mutuelle) OCR



In this article, we are going to set up an API for extracting the following fields:


  • AMC Number: The AMC number of the cardholder
  • Member identification number: The unique member identification number (numéro adhérent)
  • Teletransmission number
  • Insured full name: Full name of the first insured. You can add more fields of this type if you want to extract more of them.
  • Insured social security number: SSN of the first insured.
  • Validity start date
  • Validity end date


You can add as many fields as you want to fit your requirements.



Deploy your Health Insurance card API


The field list was defined and we are now going to set up our API. Head over to the platform and press the ‘build a new endpoint’ button.


You land now on the setup page. Here is the image you can use, and the setup looks like this:


Setup health insurance card OCR


Click on the “next step” button. You land on a new page where we are going to add the technical definitions of the fields we defined above.


To go further, you can either download this json config to set up your data model (there is an upload button on the left part of the screen), or you can do it manually. Here is the config:



AMC Number: type String with no alpha characters


AMC number health insurance card ocr



Member identification number: type String with no alpha characters


Member identifier health insurance card ocr



Teletransmission number: type String with no alpha characters


Teletransmission number health insurance card ocr



Insured full name: type String with no numeric characters


Full name health insurance card ocr



Insured social security number: type String without any specification


ssn health insurance card ocr



Validity start date: type Date


validity start date health insurance card ocr



Validity end date: type Date


Validity end date health insurance card ocr



That's it for the setup phase. Let's deploy your OCR.



Train your health insurance card model


Train health insurance card ocr



Your setup is done. You can now deploy your API and train your deep learning OCR to extract data from your health insurance cards using the API.


To get more information about the training phase, please refer to the getting started tutorial. If you have any questions regarding your use case, feel free to reach out!