Managing errors


Requests can fail for two main reasons:


Network issues: the server could not be reached

Application error: the server rejected the request


In the latter case, the error reported by the API contains:


 "details": "...",
 "message": "optional"



Code Possible reasons
401 (Unauthorized)

Bad token: you didn’t provide the authentication header or the token is wrong.

400 (Bad request)

Wrong file type: file types allowed:  png, jpg, webp, pdf


Missing input file: see How to manage input files documentation


Too many pages in pdf: APIs have a maximum limit of pages allowed for pdf files


File is too big: APIs have a maximum file size allowed

404 (Not found)

Wrong version: wrong version in base URL

429 (Too many requests)

Plan limit reached: you have reached your maximum number of requests.


Too high frequency: number of requests over time is limited. See Authentication documentation