Base URL



Prediction APIs are served through a unique endpoint depending on the product you select. They follow this pattern :<api_name>/<api_version>/predict



You need to specify an <api_name> and a <api_version> that corresponds to the API you want to use. You can find what you need in the specific API documentation, see platform tour documentation for more details.




About versionning


We release new versions of our APIs for two reasons : 


  • minor changes:  we often release new minor changes of our APIs with new models (faster and  / or better), without any loss of service. These releases are transparent on your side as the response structure is untouched.


  • major changes: this is a major iteration, with possibly no retrocompatibility of the JSON response. Those versions can include new locales, change in the way predictions are formatted... You can simultaneously use several major versions with the same subscription and tokens. You can switch between versions in the dropdown at the top of the page when inside your subscription API area.