Set up a number field


You want to extract either an amount, a float number or a list of numeric characters from your documents?


You can do that with the API Builder by creating a number field in the Data Model configuration step. (See Data Model configuration tutorial).


This section will walk you through the implications of setting up a number field and the different parameters you can specify.




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Let’s get started! 


After giving a name, description and cover image to your new API, you should land on the following page




Build a number field by selecting the number icon on the rihht side of the screen.


Additional parameters

If you have additional context about this specific field or how the information is usually displayed in your documents, you can specify it during the field set up.


Feed parameters through UI


Through the UI, you may enable a checkbox:


  • It is always an integer. By checking this, the engine will never be able to predict as a correct value a number that cannot be parsed as an integer



Feed parameters through config.json file


You may want to create a number field through by uploading a config.json file. (See Data Model tutorial for more info)


You may fill in the cfg objects in your config.json file with the following parameter:


is_integer : Is the number or amount an integer

possible values: -1 means sometimes; 1 means always

default value: -1


A valid entry for a number field in a config.json should look like this:


  "cfg": {
    "is_integer": -1
  "handwritten": false,
  "name": "rating",
  "semantics": "amount",
  "public_name": "rating"



Impact for training and making predictions




By specifying the data type as Number, you will force the engine to only consider words and series of words that can be interpreted as numbers or amounts as eligible candidates.


Warning: This means that, for this specific field, we will never be able to extract any information in your document that cannot be interpreted as an amount or a number.



Text parsed


Anything that can be read an amount or a number.


Ex: “1,000,876.93”, “12” and “$98.78” are Numbers


Amounts or numbers written with alpha characters are not parsed as Numbers.


Ex: “fifteen” or “two hundred and twelve” are not parsed as Numbers.


If the information you are looking for is sometimes displayed as such, you should use a String field.