No more manual data
entry for your users

Automate document processing in your apps.

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Why mindee

Create UX magic

Enable instant document processing thanks to our real-time API, and free your users from manual data entry.

Focus on your core product

Concentrate your efforts on building the best product. We handle performances, reliability and scalability.

Integrate in no time

Prototype ideas and build production ready features with documentation and tools for every stack.

Fits your own use case

Break free from off-the-shelves limitations, build exactly what you want

Deploy an API that extracts exactly the fields you need from documents and use it in your apps.

  • 🚀 Any type of document
  • 🖋 Handwritten and printed text
  • 📃 Images and multi-page pdfs

We have just the plan you need


Build, test, and kick-off your apps.


250 API calls / month

No credit card required

Up to 3 APIs deployed

Full API access

Pay as you go

Steadily grow usage across your apps.

Volume-based pricing

500 free pages / API

$0.10 per additional page

3 free APIs deployed

$150 / month / additional API


Demand best in class services for large scale products.

Ad-hoc pricing

Dedicated support

Private slack channel

The SLA you need

Custom pricing

Couldn't find your document?

Start building or ask for a custom made tutorial.

import swagger_client
from import ApiException

api_instance = swagger_client.MyMindeeAPI()

authorization = "1qsd5q6a1e*****************"
version = "v1"
file = "path/to/your/file"
feedback = "true"

    api_response = api_instance.upload_file(
        authorization, version, file, feedback=feedback
except ApiException as e:
    raise e